The 7 Quarantane in Fasano – the entire period of Lent On the occasion of Lent, we organize the preparation of seven Quarantane in the historic center of Fasano with the aim of recovering the ancient agricultural tradition that over time risks being lost.

Fanove of S. Giuseppe among the trulli of Cocolicchio – from 15 to 19 March 2024 The Cultural Association “Cocolicchio” with the patronage of the Municipality of Fasano Organize the “Fanove of S. Giuseppe among the trulli of Cocolicchio”.

The Rites of Holy Week – from 25 March to 31 March 2024 The most important moments of the religious rites of the Holy Week take place starting from Holy Thursday. At the end of the religious celebration begins the traditional visit of the faithful to the “Sepolcri” or “Altar of the reposition”, followed by the processions of “Jesus in the Garden of Olives” and of “Jesus Flagellato”. On Good Friday in the morning the procession of the statue “Ecce Homo” and to follow that of the mysteries of “Jesus under the cross” and of the “Christ expiring”. Always on Friday, but in the evening, appointment with the parade of the faithful of the “Pietà”. In succession, the processions of “Jesus deposed in the sepulcher” and of “Mary of Sorrows”: the latter, the longest, concludes the processions that precede Easter. The “Via Crucis”, a living event organized by the Anspi “Don Nicola Carbonara”, which usually takes place on the Wednesday of the Holy Week, should be noted in this period. The rites of the Holy Week end with the Easter day in which there is the solemn procession of “Risen Jesus” in Fasano, Pezze di Greco and Montalbano.
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Pasquetta dei Fasanesi – 4 April 2024 On Thursday after Easter, the mayor goes to the shrine of the Holy Mother of Pozzo Guacito, and during the mass he gives a large votive candle. Then follows a solemn procession.

Feast of the fiorone – June 2024 The cultural association “Tempo ritrovato” gives life to the Fiorone Festival, with an exhibition, a show and a tasting of typical local products, as well as the fantastic floral ice cream produced in these days!

Patronal feast of Maria SS. Del Pozzo and San Giovanni Battista – June 2024 In the third weekend of June there is the most awaited festival of the year, occasion for the illuminations, the fireworks, the procession of the patron saints and the historical procession “della Scamiciata” with the re-enactment of the victory over the Turks.

The Pinafore – June 2024 Historical re-enactment held in Fasano in June to commemorate the victory achieved on the Turks on 02 June 1678.

Patronal feast of Pezze di Greco – July 2024 The Patronal Feast Committee devises eight days of celebrations, in honor of Maria Santissima del Pozzo and of the Beata Vergine del Carmine, with sporting, religious and musical events.

Living Nativity by Pezze di Greco – from 26 December 2023 to 6 January 2024 During the Christmas season in the “Lama del Trappeto” rock village with caves, once housing huts, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees.

Feast of San Francesco da Paola – August 2024 On the second Saturday and Sunday of August, this feast is held in honor of the Saint. On Saturday there is a big swordfish festival, on Sunday a procession on the sea with the statue of the Saint takes place.

Markets in the historic center – December 2023 For the Christmas period, the historic center of Fasano becomes the setting for the setting of Christmas themed markets and craft and art markets.

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