Piana of ancient olive trees

12 Aug 2018 @dmin

In Puglia there is a portion of territory bordered by the municipalities of Ostuni, Fasano, Monopoli and Carovigno where the concentration of ancient olive trees with plants that could have an estimated age of over 3,000 years dating back to the age of the ancient Messapi is very high. It is possible to visit this great patrimony that characterizes the landscape of the Apulian territory thanks to a network of paths, tratturi and ancient roads such as the Via Traiana that cross the entire plain of ancient and millennial olive trees.

Thanks to an intense research and exploration work carried out in collaboration with the Puglia Region, Millenari di Puglia has devised some itineraries that include a visit to the great millenary olive trees, farms, ancient hypogean oil mills dug in the cave. We have identified and surveyed the most beautiful and largest millenarian olive trees in Apulia with the aim of making these natural monuments usable by spreading the culture of the oil produced by centuries-old and ancient plants.

Millenarians of Puglia will take you to know the most beautiful and evocative olive trees in the area between Ostuni and Fasano, all to photograph and embrace. Among the millennial olive trees you will have the impression of getting lost in an enchanted world. Plants that tell the story of ancient Rome and the ancient Messapians who inhabited these lands and who first knew the pleasures and benefits of olive oil.

Among the most requested itineraries there is one that includes a visit to what the millenarians of Puglia have made known as the “Valley of the Giants”, a small valley in which there are some thousand-year-old olive trees of exceptional dimensions among which the millennial olive tree renamed as “the good giant” characterized by a circumference of the trunk of 9 meters and 10 centimeters measured at 1.30 meters high and about 15 meters at the base.When walking through the olive trees it will be possible to know its history as well as some specimens from the strangest forms among which “the little devil” (in photo).

After the visit it is recommended to taste the oil produced by the millennial olive trees through a guided tasting in the historic and traditional farmhouses to learn how to recognize the merits of extra virgin olive oil on a slice of excellent bread from Puglia.

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