Sanitized environments

07 Jun 2020 @dmin

Our house for rent LE FOGGE is sanitized 24 hours before your arrival with ozone for complete sanitation by eliminating pathogens such as viruses and bacteria and odors of all kinds.
Sanitization with ozone is absolutely non-toxic and allows you to sanitize food and water without any harmful effect on human health.
Ozone is an O3 natural gas which is characterized by a high oxidizing action, after exercising its disinfectant power, ozone is transformed into oxygen making the environments and surfaces treated immediately habitable and safe.
It is ecological and non-toxic and can also be used as a disinfectant even in the food sector since it does not release any type of odor and residue.
The Ministry of Health with protocol of July 31, 1996 No. 24482, recognized the use of ozone in the treatment of air and water, as a natural aid for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and mites ..

For any information on booking the house contact us: LE FOGGE – house for rent +39 339 2086500 – Or send us an email: info@lefogge.it