Taste of Puglia

12 Aug 2018 @dmin

The Apulian cuisine is characterized by the emphasis given to the raw material and the fact that the ingredients are designed to enhance and not alter the basic flavors of the products used.
Another particularity is to offer different dishes in relation to the seasons: in spring and summer preference is given to vegetables and fish, while in autumn and winter legumes and homemade pasta predominate. The most typical dish are the “Orecchiette with meat sauce”, but the “Orecchiette with the turnip tops”, the “chicory with broad bean purée”, the “Cavatelli con le mussels” or the “Tiella of potatoes, rice and mussels”. For starters, cured meats are often preferred. These include capocollo, soppressata and sausages. In Bari was invented the most famous Apulian ragout of fish, the ciambotto, which in dialect means mixture. Vegetable pizzas are very popular. The typical pizza of Salento is the puddica, which consists of two overlapping pasta discs that contain the onion, tomato, black olives and anchovies. The Pugliesi consider their invention the calzone, which here presents a filling rich in olives, onions and pecorino cheese. The calzuncieddi are small and can also be fried in a pan. Among the soups include the broad beans and chicory soup and the marinated soup, originally from Foggia, with chicory, escarole and pecorino cheese. Among the fish, the sarago and the sea bream are the most used in the Apulian cuisine. Among the desserts, we find the cartellate, ribbons of sweet dough wrapped in spiral and covered with honey or cooked wine, pìttéle and cartellate fried in olive oil (Christmas sweets), in the Easter period instead is the mistress “a fcazza” chiane “(the stuffed focaccia) typical Fasanese dish on Good Friday.

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