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Le Fogge – Contrada San Lorenzo s.n. – Fasano 72015 (BR) – C.F mzzmtn61p27d508w, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 regarding the protection of personal data and in compliance with the provisions of the Provision no. 229/2014 of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, informs in a transparent manner about the use of cookies on this site www.lefogge.it.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that a site sends to the connected terminal, where they are stored, before being re-transmitted to the site and used in the next visit. The content of cookies is set by the site itself and can be processed on the Client and Server side. Cookies can be used for example to facilitate the use of information presented by the site, optimize the browsing experience, provide information on the performance and use of the site and for many other purposes; some sites use cookies for direct user profiling.
The www.lefogge.it website does not issue cookies for profiling purposes.
A site can also act as an intermediary for third-party cookies, in order to use the services offered by the third parties themselves, e.g. the social buttons.

Technical cookies are cookies necessary for the regular use of the information of the site itself, to facilitate the user browsing the site or to make it faster, to authenticate -Login- or to save information on the user’s operations. Others may be session cookies whose validity ceases at the end of the browsing session or persistent cookies that last beyond the browsing session to optimize the browsing experience on subsequent visits. Without them the site, or some parts of the site, may not work or work slowly or in an uneasy way for the user.

Analytical cookies can be used to collect information on the use of the site, and in order to produce statistics, analysis reports, improve performance, simplify functions, monitor the operation of the site.

Profiling cookies can collect specific information on the habits, movements and ways of browsing the user, on interests, and more.
The end is that of user profiling, to propose to the next page or visit the site advertising messages driven by information collected from visits to previous sites.
These cookies, in some cases, can be used for the same purpose also from other sites.
It is possible that a web page contains elements such as videos, social plugins, banners, javascript of third parties, which may be visible for example Youtube videos, or not graphically visible as a script for statistics but which use cookies, called third-party cookies parts, which can be used for profiling purposes.
These cookies are downloaded on the user’s PC, so they can be read also by third parties and at a later time also by visiting another site that uses the same elements.

The use of any of the aforementioned cookies requires this information. Furthermore, some types of cookies do not require consent to be downloaded and used as for example technical cookies, while others require it.
The consent, where provided, the user is asked at the time of first access to the site with a brief information, which refers to a link to this extended information.

Cookies can be used on PC but also on other tools, such as smartphones and tablets.
All browsers and navigation software allow you to block the saving of these cookies, as indicated below.

Cookies used by this site

The www.lefogge.it site uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies: useful for providing the user with the required features without ambiguity.
They do not contain personal data and have validity that expires when the browser is closed or when the session expires.
Third-party analytical cookies: used for the collection of statistical data to monitor the operation of the site, employs Google analysis tools that through the use of cookies, collects anonymous browsing data in order to examine the use of the same by users, produce reports on the activities of the site and provide other information, such as the number of visitors and pages visited, how users use the site and how users have arrived on the site.
This information obtained through cookies is transmitted to Google and stored on the servers of the company. The data is provided in aggregate form and never linked to the identity of the users, through reports and other IT services, it is possible to consult the privacy policy of Google at the link to Google’s Privacy Policy.

Third-party cookies: which can be used within the site are those related to third-party services embedded within the site, such as videos, plugins and buttons for access to social networks, with the aim of allowing easy sharing of contents on the same social networks used by the user.
These cookies may have profiling and preferential purposes. The collection and use of information by these third parties are governed by the respective privacy policies that can be viewed from the following links:

Facebook: privacy and cookies
Twitter: privacy and cookies
Google+: privacy and cookies
Youtube: privacy and cookies
Google Maps: privacy and cookies

Consent to accept cookies and user rights

At the time of the user’s first access to www.lefogge.it, brief information is proposed in the form of banners in evidence with respect to the rest of the site.
By accepting the information and confirming the consent to the use of cookies by clicking on the acceptance button, closing the banner, or continuing browsing, it will be saved with a technical cookie with a deadline of thirty days.

Pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 Code regarding the protection of personal data, you are entitled to certain rights, including the right to object to the processing and / or change your data. To this end, therefore, you can change your choice at any time by accessing this information and following the instructions to block or delete cookies on your browser.

Disable cookies from your browsers

Cookies are related to software that allows you to browse and visit the pages of sites, browsers or other software.
It is possible to disable the use of cookies in the browser you are using, in this way they will not be downloaded.
Below are the links to the instructions to disable cookies for the most common browsers.

The links provided are managed directly by the software producers. If these pages are not reachable, please consult your supplier or the instructions or the software manual.

Privacy Policy
The user can view the privacy policy provided pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 (Code regarding the protection of personal data).