Sant’Angelo De ‘Grecis

12 Aug 2018 @dmin

The farm, also known as the “Abbey of San Lorenzo”, dates back to the twelfth century and originates from the rock settlement of Lama di San Lorenzo. On the left of the building there is a striking crenellated tower.
In the thirteenth century it became the property of the monastery of Santo Stefano di Monopoli, while in the fourteenth century it became a cardinal’s income. Until 1665 it was a grange of the abbey of the Greek monks of San Nicola in Casole di Otranto, in 1693 the property passed to the Cardinal Imperiale who built the church by introducing the cult of San Lorenzo Martire.
The house, built with tuff of the Murge, is located on the right of the structure and is the oldest part of the farm (dating back to the sixteenth century). Opposite the Massaro’s house there is the building of an ancient eighteenth-century olive mill restored and home to the Olive Oil Museum, with various tools of olive production, while behind the building there is an ancient citrus grove.

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